A tailored solution for each project ...

Although the energy that is used is a common concern for all users, not all of them feel it the same way.

The Power Quality Monitoring / Energy Management System must provide, for the different users, the right information that each of them in fact needs.

Medidas Medidas

The concern of a cement plant manager, having a productive process that requires a large quantity of energy, is for sure different from a data center manager, highly sensitive to power quality problems.

The information that each of them expects to get from the system, is for sure different from the one that is required by the engineer having in charge the maintenance of each company.

Taylor Made

In EMR, we design and implement each system in order to ensure it is the most suited for the specific needs of the client and the data is processed in order to ensure that each user gets the information that in fact he needs.

Power Quality
Systems for permanent monitoring of Power Quality

Activity sectors:

  • Industry
  • Energy production / distribution
  • Renewable energy – wind farms; photovoltaic
  • Telecommunication facilities / data-centers
  • Retail / shopping malls

Where to monitor:

  • Connection with public network / interconnection between grids
  • Substations / transformers
  • Internal MV distribution network
  • Feeders to critical equipment – MV or LV

What to monitor:

  • Compliance with standards - EN50160; IEC61000-4-30; IEEE519 ... / contractual conditions
  • Voltage and current disturbances - sags / swells / transients / interruptions / harmonics / flicker ...
  • Identification of disturbance direction / source
  • Event sequence / tripping of protection devices

Besides monitoring, we can also implement SOLUTIONS and mitigation equipment for improving the Power Quality

Advanced Power Quality monitoring and accurate counting at key points of electrical network and critical loads.

  • Compliance with international standards IEC61000-4-30 Classe A; EN50160; IEEE519; CBEMA/ITIC
  • Energy counting in class 0,2S according IEC62053-22/23. Multiple tariffs and time of use
  • Multiple communications
  • Compatibility web
  • I/O capacity for control and monitoring
  • Panel, rack 19" or socket mounting types

Intermediate Power Quality monitoring and accurate counting. Compact multifunctional devices, very versatile and suitable for diversified uses.

  • Compliance with international standards IEC61000-4-30 Classe S; EN50160; IEEE519; CBEMA/ITIC
  • Energy counting in class 0,2S according IEC62053-22/23. Multiple tariffs and time of use.
  • Multiple communications
  • Compatibility web
  • I/O capacity for control and monitoring
  • Panel, or DIN rail mounting types

Power Quality and Energy monitoring Software Base platform for implementation of the monitoring system.

Large set of tools for data collection, visualization, processing and reporting, in order to generate and publish the right information that each system user needs.

Energy Management
Energy Management Systems

Reduce the energy invoice:

  • Simulate energy costs in different scenarios / tariff regime
  • Invoice simulation / validation
  • Peak demand monitoring / load shedding
  • Negotiate contracts with energy provider
  • Centralize data / aggregate energy used in different locations

Improve energy and operational efficiency:

  • Energy forecast, based on production plan
  • Optimize the planning for minimizing energy costs
  • Integrate energy usage with production data
  • Measure used energy - kWh, gas, water, steam, fuel ... / measure produced units, tones ...
  • Calculate KPI's, energy efficiency, equipment usage rate, specific consumption ...
  • Allocate costs per user, sector, production order ...
  • Benchmarking
  • Support for certification according ISO 50001

Convenient publishing / presentation of the produced information:

  • Access the data / reports via web
  • Reports, messages, alert for abnormal situations, automatically sent by email
  • Dashboards with key information located in strategic places ...

Besides measuring the energy that is used, we can also implement SOLUTIONS for improving energy efficiency

Communication and data logging

  • Multiple communication ports and protocols
  • I/O for control and monitoring
  • Data collection and concentration

Energy measurement and monitoring

  • Class 0,2S or class 0,5
  • Direct measurement or through CT's
  • RS485 or Ethernet communication
  • Basic power quality monitoring
  • Possibility of I/O and data logging
  • Panel or DIN rail mounting

Energy monitoring software

PME platform from Schneider Electric

Applications for customized data processing and reporting

  • SQL data base
  • Access via web
  • Large set of tools for real time view, historical data, reporting, dashboards, alerts ...

We provide all the support that our clients require along the different stages of the project.

Since the support for defining the technical solution that best fits their specific objectives until the support in order to maximize the benefit that they can get from the system.


  • Technical support to installed systems
  • Expansion / upgrading / revamping / parameter setting
  • Audits / diagnostic of the facilities / load profile determination and analysis
  • Support contracts
  • Consultancy for:
    • Interpretation / analysis of collected data
    • Identification of inefficiencies and improvement opportunities
    • Improvements to be implemented

Based on the information that is generated by the monitoring system / analysis of collected data, we can assist our clients in finding and implementing the right SOLUTIONS that will improve power quality and energy efficiency

Flexibility, scalability, continual improvement ...

The energy monitoring system must have the flexibility required for interfacing with several areas, as well the scalability required to expand and adapt whenever new requirements are identified.

Since the simple energy counting at one point, to a system covering several locations, including power quality monitoring, integrated with the production system, with planning, calculating several KPI's, allowing access to historical or real time data, locally or via web, automatically sending alerts and reports by mail to several users ...

Ciclo Gestao Energia Ciclo Gestao Energia

The energy management cycle is a continual improvement process and the information that is produced by the energy monitoring system is very important for the different stages of that cycle.

Besides the energy usage, the system can also provide important information for improving procedures or the productive process and therefore improving the efficiency of the company.