Established since 1995, EMR specializes in solutions for Power Quality Monitoring and Energy Management Systems.

We have systems running in several activity sectors - industry, services, energy production, institutions, hotel, residential...

We know that each of our clients has very specific needs, so each of our systems is designed in order to ensure that the client's objectives are fully met.

20 Anos

We provide SOLUTIONS for

  • Power Quality
  • Energy Management
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Equipment and systems for monitoring and improving energy efficiency
  • Permanent monitoring systems
  • Development of customized applications
  • Diagnostic / test
  • Services

  • Integration of the energy monitoring system with the productive process in order to allow the calculation of KPI's, specific consumption, equipment usage rates, energy cost allocation, identification of inefficiencies, process improvement...

We are present in the different stages

  • Project
  • System delivery
  • Implementation
  • Services and support
  • Implementation of new projects
  • Revamping of existing installations
  • Integration of third party already installed meters/protections in the new energy monitoring system

  • After completing the implementation, we keep in touch with our clients and will provide for them all the support they need in order to get maximum benefit from the installed system
  • Services (contracted or in a case by case frame) for analysis/reporting of the collected data and information produced by the system
  • Consultancy on initiatives for improving energy efficiency

We can provide the complete solution

  • Integrate several areas
  • Since the diagnostic of the facilities till turnkey delivery
  • Getting integrated solutions is preferable for the final client because the management of interfaces is much easier
  • We can integrate the different technical areas required for the project and provide the complete solution
  • We have partnership agreements for several areas

  • Besides monitoring, we can also implement measures for improving power quality and energy efficiency

We know that the quantity and the quality of the energy you use are very important for you

Eficiencia Eficiencia

A Power Quality Monitoring / Energy Management System is the tool that you need for knowing in detail where/how/when the energy is consumed, identifying eventual inefficiencies, deciding on what you can do for improving, confirming the results and increase

Energy Efficiency