Gestão de Energia

The implementation of the Power Quality Monitoring / Energy Management System is done, using the platform Power Monitoring Expert – PME, from Schneider Electric, as base software.

In addition to the extensive set of functionalities and tools that are available in PME, the applications FR- Flex Reporter and BR – Build Reporter, provide an important extra capacity for exploring the PME database and generating totally customized reports, in a simple and flexible manner.

This way, starting from the data that is collected by the measuring devices, the system will provide, for each group of users, the right information that they require.

Power Monitoring Expert - PME

Software for Energy Monitoring

Base software for implementing the Power Quality Monitoring / Energy Management System

  • Interface for setting up and exploring the system
  • Communication with measuring devices and other components or systems
  • Data collection and storage in database
  • Data processing, reporting and publishing the information that is generated by the system
  • ...

Flex Reporter e Build Reporter

Applications for data processing and customized reporting
Applications in general

Applications for data processing and reporting, developed in order to improve the customization of the energy monitoring system according the particular requirements of each project.

The great flexibility of these applications, allows a fast and easy definition of the way how data that is gathered by the system is grouped, processed reported and distributed to the different groups of users, according their particular needs.

Building applications